Lion’s Head Foxes

The fox project is part of the Lion’s Head 100th and BPSA 20th anniversary celebrations.

Foxes are abundant on the Bruce Peninsula. Residents and visitors enjoy and talk about Fox sightings.

The BPSA, sponsored by the Northern Bruce Peninsula Municipal Council, has created art foxes that will be in a number of locations in Lion’s Head.

Find the foxes. Enter to take home a fox.

There will be a map to find each Fox. That map is also part of the fox contest. Find each fox, answer the question on the map and when you have completed all the fox sightings, bring the completed map to the Artist Coop Gallery (Hwy 6 at Ferndale). The completed map becomes your contest entry form. At the end of the season there will be a draw for the foxes.

The foxes have been created out of wood designed for outside weather and coated for long-term use.

The Fox Gallery

We’ll also be posting pictures of the foxes at their Lion’s Head locations.