Jungsik Jo (Michael)

Michael 2017 b&wMichael was born in Korea in 1955, moved to the USA where he worked for 20 years to put his 2 children through university. He is now a permanent resident of Canada. Living on the Bruce Peninsula, he is finally doing what he loves and missed for so many years…sketching, painting and creating memories from present and past for himself and others.

As a child he was taught the basics from his father, who loved drawing and art. The inspiration for some of his works comes from Korea’s 5000 year old history. He has many great memories of the mountains, temples, palaces and trees in all their beauty. He has sad memories of the devastation the war did to his country. So his artwork is from his heart and soul and it brings him peace and happiness to see it come alive.

He has spent much time teaching himself on the internet from Korean and North American artists. He recently returned to South Korea to take lessons from Jung Taewon, a trained artist who has been teaching for over 25 years. Michael has learned from his teacher to make his acrylic artwork come to life with colour and harmony on the canvas. He hopes you will enjoy his work and see in it what you wish to see.