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Maggie 2017 b&wArt makes life better. Whether you are looking at it in a gallery, creating it or making it a part of your life by including it in your home or office, its presence changes you. That’s what I have experienced. When I go to move, the house is still a home, no matter what else I may have packed until I take down the paintings. Then the spirit goes out of the place. Helping me develop my artistic abilities are the late watercolourist, Ron Sainsbury, the outstanding Laura Coutts both of Guelph and my mentor, brilliant acrylic colourist/abstract artist, Vlasta Kelleman. While I am inspired by the shapes and scenes around me, my work evolves largely from imagination and intuition. When asked what I am thinking about when I approach a particular canvas I can hopefully say that I am trying to avoid too much thinking! My work had sold at the Barber Gallery in Guelph, at local art shows and at the Ferndale Co-Op Gallery.