2019 Special Guest Artists

This year the Gallery continues its Guest Artist program with 1/2 season Guest Artists. All guests are members of the BPSA. This is our 2019 lineup!

First half season (May-July)

Laura Banks

Laura lives on the beautiful Bruce Peninsula with her husband and two schnauzers. Her studio faces the lake and is a wonderful place to be creative using watercolour, acrylic and oils to paint Fine Art, Chef Aprons and Rustic Cottage art pieces on cedar shingles. Nature, birds and animals is her main focus as evidenced in her work. In addition to painting in her studio,  she is held several adult Paint Parties for groups in their own homes, and volunteers at the Meeting Place in Tobermory introducing youth to the joy of painting!  Laura loves to paint and hopes to keep the flame of creativity alive for a long time.

You can see more of Laura’s work and information at  ghostlakestudio.ca

You can reach Laura at: laurawb13@gmail.com


Sandi Holst

I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario.  Along with Herb, my husband of 35 years, and our 5 cats, we left the big city in 2017 and now reside in Tobermory year round.  We have enjoyed all the beauty that it has to offer since the early 1980’s.

I have been in the accounting industry for almost 40 years.  Since living in Tobermory for the last two years, I have found time to focus on what I am passionate about.  I am now theauthor of my own book: “Breathe! You Got This – Fortunes Favor the Inspired”.  I have found the courage to go public with my photography and I took up abstract painting in the spring of 2018.  It seems living in Tobermory has brought out my creative side.

I am inspired by all genre of photography and it is my intention to find and capture the beauty of our planet and all living things.

sandi@holstcontinuum.com ​​​​905-730-1217

Amelia Kraemer

My work celebrates surviving a horrible car accident. It is a reflection of my anxious and depressive thoughts coming together to create a thing that is beautiful. I take collage items that I find inspiring or pretty, or even funny. This reminds me that: my thoughts aren’t all sad and all encompassing. I can focus on the delights in life.

While painting I come in and out of focus on the music I’m listening to, then the physical act of painting itself, then the music, then the painting and this back-and-forth dance continues. Music is Integral to my process. My paintings become soulless if there is no music.

Amelia Kraemer
Facebook: Amelia Kraemer Art
Instagram: @ameliakraemer

Second half season (Aug -Oct)

Mary Ambrose

Mary is a visual artist who is inspired by both the urban environment and the natural beauty of the Northern Bruce Peninsula. When she is not out kayaking or hiking, Mary paints in oil, acrylic and encaustic at her studio near Tobermory. In addition, Mary does sculpture with found objects and fibre arts using hand dyed fabrics.

More of Mary’s art can be seen at www.facebook.com/Mary.ambrose.104

Mary can be reached at:



Carol Cloet

Carol’s Studio is located in rural Lions Head on 5 acres of serene evergreen land. Her passion to create includes acrylic on canvas, textiles and photography. Inspired by nursing the soul through painting, Carol relocated her studio to the Bruce Peninsula in the summer of 2017. Her goal is providing art workshops in a nature inspired setting. Artworks vary from nature, still life to whimsical. Popular commission work has been pet portraits.

Web: art-fromtheheart.ca
Email: carolsartfromtheheart@gmail.com

Studio: 647-961-4444 or 519-793-3280