Ann Wylie-Toal

Owen Sound and Cape Crocker Indian Park

I am delighted to be a new member of  the BPSA co-op Gallery this year.

I have spent summers at my cabin on the bruce since 1994. The quiet powerful energy of this area has been a guide and inspiration in my life ever since.

As a self-taught artist I have been creating original jewelry and concepts with original techniques since 1986 when I began a home business to be with my young sons. A lot of jewelry has been made and distributed over the years but I am yearning now to move into other mediums, perhaps created at the cape…

I try to create new jewelry designs every year. I appreciate feedback and direction anytime.

Maybe you have some precious beads tucked away in a special place that I could use to design something just for you. Just call the gallery to find out when my shifts are to meet with me, or leave them with a member and a note.

I am basically retired now, but I find I still want to create for a few galleries as well as my online business. And I really appreciate the galleries where I can interact with customers like the BPSA Gallery.

The other gallery where you can meet up with me and see a large selection of my jewelry is the Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op. As I live in Owen Sound I can easily arrange to meet up with you there by appointment if you want to discuss custom jewelry.

I love creating for weddings, proms, anniversaries, fun or with your ideas. Custom talismans (with an affirmation) are a passion of mine as well.

You can shop with me online, but I always prefer you support brick and mortar galleries if you can:     

You can email me at